Metal shelving with ultra-slim shelves, designed to meet all your food and non-food visual merchandising requirements.

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What it does


Cefla’s industrial innovation has produced yet another example of excellence, specially designed to meet all your Food and Non-Food visual merchandising requirements: System10.

The shelving solution with ultra-slim shelves and stiffeners that combines versatility, lightness and strength with appealing design.

System10 ensures high load capacities, comparable to those of traditional shelving in a FOOD configuration: for example load capacity of 180 kg. on a shelf with depth 50 cm and pitch 133 cm.

System10, a combined unit with single central EvoUp backpanel, saves space both in the corridor and on the shelf.  

100% made in Cefla product that revolutionises existing ideas about retail outlets and the shopping experience.

System10: excellence, always


Ultra slim shelves (13 mm)
Increase the aisles of 10 cm.
Better use of vertical space.
With 1 single size backpanel you can configure all heights of the shelf.
Perfect compatibility with wire shelf (Wireplus).
It does not require the upper and lower connectors to stiffen the structure.
You can take apart the backpanel without moving the shelf (utility patent pending).

Strength points

  • Increased display space.
  • Space gains between shelves.
  • High load capacities.
  • Units areultra-compact, bothhorizontally andvertically.
  • Compatibility with all Cefla product lines.
  • Range of outstanding breadth and depth.