The complete classic metal shelving solution, designed to boost the available display space while making sales easier.

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What it does

System25 is a complete shelving line featuring columns with 25 mm pitch slots and a comprehensive series of merchandising accessories to boost the available display space while making sales easier.

Thanks to rational use of the various systems components, height-wise space gains and an optimised display are guaranteed.

In addition, thanks to the single central EvoUp backpanel, store aisles are wider and more space is available on the shelves to display the product.

Practical advantages - that you’ll be able to see for yourselves in the form of higher sales and earnings!

System25: classic shelvings, always in fashion.

Technical data

Column with slots at pitch 25 mm.
Column height: from 135 to 300 cm.
Column thickness: 9x3; 10.5x3 cm.
Bases with depth from 25 to 90 cm.
Plate, wire, perforated, multibar and slatted backpanels.
Standard and heavy brackets.
Standard plate shelves and EvoUp shelves for central backpanels.

Strength points

  • More space dedicated to product on display.
  • Optimized display.
  • Shopping made easier.
  • Suitable for all display solutions.
  • Optimized load bearing capacity.
  • System 100% made in Cefla.
  • Compatible with complete range of Cefla products.
  • Full range of accessories, colors and materials.