multimedia comet point of sales

Comet Michelino

Customer: Comet

Location: Bologna

Year: 2018

Dimensions: 2.900 sqm
Products: Smart Shelving System, lighting

The retail outlet, located in the heart of the city, was designed entirely by RED Retail Design, which managed both the shop equipment and the communication elements; the objective being to create an innovative point of sale, complete with multimedia systems, digital signage and dedicated brand areas to enhance the goods on display. Free-touch tables were located in the central areas to allow a much wider view within the store and to give customers the opportunity to freely experience the products and the space.

A new design concept was applied in the gondola of large and small household appliances by adding a LED top and raster panels. RED took care of the in-store communication elements, having a modern and dynamic touch, positioned around the perimeter of the outlet.

Used products

An ergonomic, compact, flexible display system with a low voltage p...