Zenith Retail Solutions


Zenith Retail Solutions

Zenith Retail Solutions (abbreviated to Zenith R.S.) which, rapidly repositioned on the market, is now an appreciated interlocutor for Russian federal retailers, was officially established two years ago.

The factory and offices are based in Golitzino, a town in the Moscow region, with a facility that counts approximately 150 employees, most of whom have been recently employed.

The administrative, production and distribution facility was fully renovated in 2015, and both company and product experienced a promising new launch.

Russia hopes that these barriers will be removed to improve economic exchanges and to once again savour Italian parmesan cheese, which does not line supermarket shelves anymore!





The Cefla - Zenith R.S. team, whose mutual cooperation is growing stronger, is operating in the framework of dedicated technical and productive projects.

Some Russian colleagues were guests at the via Selice branch for an extensive period to develop the product and study relevant technical solutions.

The sound of Russian and Italian is not so mysterious for both parties anymore, and this enhances team cooperation.

These developments were also noticed by the local authorities who have started contacting us regarding sustainable development for the area.