Island Displayers

Three island display models: metal wire displayers supporting promotional sales and ongoing retail.

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Getting goods display just right is essential to improving sales.
Creating a well-proportioned space is essential to improving the customer experience. These two factors are a must when it comes to successful selling, boosting customer loyalty and increasing profitability.

3 MODELS of displayers for every exhibition need.

  • Prima: Reclosable wire displayer, finishing and customization. Foldable wire displayer.
  • Cargo: Reclosable and versatile displayer with wheels and feet. Multipurpose for promo and permanent expo.  
  • Brixen: OLSRT displayer with feet and  wheels.  Top of the range: elegant and strong.

PRIMA - Technical data

  • 4 basket depths of about 15 cm
  • Capacity 60 kg

CARGO - Technical data

  • Two basket depths 5 cm - 51 cm 
  • Capacity 80 kg.

BRIXEN - Technical data

  • Two basket depths, 35 cm and 53 cm, to ensure adaptability to the volume of the displayed article (D) 
  • Adjustable shelf height, 10 cm intervals
  • Capacity 100 kg


  • The best for the Food and Non Food Retail,
  • Versatility and maneuverability
  • Retail space increased
  • Promotional sales and ongoing retail displayers
  • Quality and space-saving.