3x3: versatile display system

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What it does

The new Cefla 3x3 system allows for the creation of a ‘chequerboard’ layout. Pattern-interrupting features liven up the retail outlet, create a dynamic environment and break the monotony of a display that can sometimes be too linear.

Thanks to a modular system it can be configured to respond to a variety of display needs.

MINI RACK: the traditional system consisting of a rear 9x3 column and a front 3x3 upright.

3X3 PRIME: independent system with load capacity of up to a 700 kg.

TABLES: static or wheeled, for promotional displays in central areas.

COMPLEMENTS: multiple combinations to broaden the assortment.

Strength points

  • VERSATILE: a multi-role, versatile shopfitting system based on 3x3 cm tubular supports that can be configured to respond to a variety of display needs, from food to non food.
  • MODULAR: a special patented system allows individual pieces to be assembled without any welding or screws.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: allows for the creation of infinite combinations, with custom-made finishes and materials to provide a range of styles.
  • FAST AND EASY: more compact to allow even easier transport and quick, super-easy assembly.