Cargo: high capacity integrated rack

High capacity integrated rack: the best fitting solution for all possible needs for a store need to display its goods.

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Cargo is the integrated, high-modularity rack system for Food and Non Food point of sales that combines self-service sales areas at the bottom with a large, convenient storage area at the top. 

Four product lines with different frame depths allow all types of integration with System25 shelvings structures, to respond to all stores’ product display requirements in terms of load capacity, height, pallet positioning and display.

The system offers a variety of set-up options depending on the type of goods for display and the retailer’s needs.

Cargo: storage and ease of integration

Technical data

Upright cross-section: 6.6 x 7 cm
Frame depth: 53 - 63 - 73 - 83 - 93 - 100 cm
Height: from 180 to 500 cm

Upright cross-section: 6.6 x 7 cm
Frame depth: 107 - 117 - 127 - 137 cm
Height: from 240 to 400 cm

Upright cross-section: 7.6 x 9 cm
Frame depth: 75 cm
Height: from 300 to 600 cm

Upright cross-section: 7.6 x 11 cm
Frame depth: 106 cm
Height: from 300 to 600 cm


  • Expandable.
  • Modular.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Convenient and increased storage.
  • Display area doubled.
  • Can be integrated with System25 shelvings.