Smart Shelving System

An ergonomic, compact, flexible display system with a low voltage power supply that connects the display to the customer's smartphone.

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The SMART CUSTOMER is served! Thanks to Cefla, retail outlet displays are now interactive and can “talk” with customers' smartphones via the SMART SHELVING SYSTEM. The shopping experience in the physical retail outlet is thus combined with the advantages of virtual shopping.

The SMART SHELVING SYSTEM is a modular system that compacts the display while retaining the same amount of actual display space. The Digital Shelf module is a low voltage electrical signal bus that gives the shelves power, LED lighting and digitalization without any need for batteries, thus combining design, safety and energy efficiency. The system has several patents.

Removable base

Cefla’s new base foot can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily, without the need to dismantle the entire system.The base can also be fitted with wheels by means of a simple kit that guarantees a high load capacity. The interchangeability of the bases is patented.

System10 Shelf

Cefla riduce lo spessore dei piani e dei rinforzi, e l’altezza complessiva dello scaffale si riduce fino all’8%: in questo modo la presa dei prodotti, anche quelli posti più in alto, viene chiaramente facilitata. Inoltre, i volumi di portata dello scaffale restano inalterati: il piano System10 garantisce infatti la stessa portata del tradizionale piano System25. Dall’innovazione industriale di Cefla, una nuova eccellenza progettata per soddisfare tutte le esigenze del visual merchandising: SYSTEM10, il Sistema di scaffalature con piani e rinforzi ultra-slim che combina versatilità, leggerezza, forza e design. Un brevetto Cefla, che rivoluziona l’idea esistente di punto vendita e di shop experience.

Evo-Up backpanel

Compared with traditional dual backpanel systems, Evo-Up is based on the use of a single central backpanel. All this results in a saving of 10 cm (5+5) on the aisle, for the same display area, that is highly beneficial in both small and large stores. The space saved can be used, for example, to widen the aisles between the shelves and make them more airy. Or to create new areas for sales promotions: small display islands can be placed in the space saved. And there is no need for upper and lower connectors.

Simplified electrification

Digital Shelf System is the most advanced system for distributing electrical power to the shelving: it brings the display to life, enabling spot-lighting to highlight a product and attract the attention of the shopper. The very low voltage power (24V) combines safety and maximum flexibility: there is no need for specialist technicians since all the connections just snap together. The magnetic locking system of Digital Shelf System’s components and the technical compartment specially fitted to Cefla shelves mean that the power distribution system can be installed either during assembly or after installation has been completed.