Grow Unit: for microgreens

The future of food: fresh microgreens for your customers

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An indoor system for growing microgreens using vegetable irrigation and lighting, born out of Cefla’s know-how and collaborations with university research. A true indoor corner of nature from which to gather fresh vegetables. The grow unit becomes a marketing element that demonstrates the attention paid to the freshness and quality of services offered to customers.

Natural, controlled growth

Microgreens can grow indoors year-round thanks to the innovative and patented Cefla technology which uses C-LED lamps with a light spectrum that has been scientifically tested for plant growth.

Minimum effort, maximum ease of use

The purchased pre-seeded trays of microgreens are placed inside the unit and grow thanks to a closed-circuit system with:

  • automatic lighting cycle
  • automatic irrigation system
  • ventilation system to control temperature and
  • humidity
  • parameter management software


  • minimum consumption of water and electricity
  • lower CO2 emissions with respect to traditional cultivation and transport
  • no GMOS


  • In-store growing freshness: the product is cultivated just a few minutes before consumption. Soilless cultivation, rapid growth cycle (5-7 days)
  • Superfoods: higher than average nutrient content, they improve health and wellness.
  • Organoleptic properties: concentrated flavour, pleasant appearance.
  • No fertilizers, no pesticides