Digital Shelf System - Shelving LED Lighting

The new shelving communication system designed by Cefla Shopfitting: display your product in the best possible light.

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DIGITAL SHELF SYSTEM is the all-new lighting and digitalisation
system for shelves. A system open to an infinite variety of integrated digital applications.
Comprehensive and modular, the DIGITAL SHELF SYSTEM features
simplified distribution of electricity along the entire shelf and supplies very low voltage power to even the highest shelving points; a unique, non-intrusive system that allows the utilisation and integration of various applications without the limitations of battery power.

LUMINETTE is a ready-to-fit shelf with an integrated LED light that is pre-wired at the factory. The LED bar is fitted inside a dedicated housing on the shelf; the wiring, instead, is hidden away in special compartments.

Digital Shelf System: bringing out the best in the product.

Technical data


66,5 cm | 579 lm
90 cm | 772 lm
100 cm | 868 lm
125 cm | 1061 lm
133 cm | 1158 lm


  • Electrical power is available along the entire length of the shelf.
  • Simplified plug & play installation.
  • The modular system is imperceptible and non-intrusive because it is completely integrated into the shelf.
  • Designed for all Cefla shelving lines.
  • Easy retrofitting makes it perfect for incorporation on existing shelving.
  • 100% made-in-Cefla.
  • Unparalleled component quality control