Carry Line - Warehouse Logistics Trolleys & Handling Trolleys

Range of trolleys specifically designed for heavy goods; intended for specialised shops or as a logistics aid in warehouses.

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What it does


This range of carts is specifically designed to carry bulkier or heavier goods; intended for specialised shops or as a logistics aid in warehouses. Each model provides maximum support for the performance of all warehouse functions: handling, storage and sorting of goods up to the point of sale.

Technical data

The highest-capacity product in the range.
A hard-wearing frame and special wheels in Vulkollan make this cart an indispensable ally when moving heavy goods. Equally practical for setting up retail areas and replenishing shelves. What’s more, customers can use it to carry particularly large purchases. Finish: galvanised + transparent polyester coating.

High load capacity, excellent versatility.
Ideal for transporting loads of considerable size or weight: the loading platform makes it particularly suitable for heavy goods. Reliable build and good manoeuvrability make it perfect for use by customers in retail areas or handling goods in logistics areas. Available in 4 colours: orange, green, blue and red.

Designed to handle the bulkiest loads.
A specially designed frame and handle make it highly suitable for moving the particularly bulky items commonly found in non-food retail outlets. Available in 4 colours: orange, green, blue and red. Capacity: 400 kg

Light + agile.
The side carry conformation, lightweight frame and wire platform make it incredibly versatile and adaptable to any bulky good transport task. Capacity: 250 kg

SLIM C&C cart
The best internal goods handling solution, yet also ideal for retail areas.
Outstanding compactness makes this cart a versatile, practical aid for transporting goods during display set-up tasks, even in places where space is limited. Capacity: 200 kg

X4 C&C cart
An indispensable tool for optimising set-up times within retail outlets.
A carefully designed structure combines a large load platform with low width to allow transit through aisles whatever the shop layout. Also available with tilting upper platform. Capacity: 300 kg

X6 C&C cart
More performance: compared to the X4 C&C cart there are two extra wheels and a bigger load surface. Also available with fold-out rear step to make it easier for workers to reach the highest shelves. Finish: as on the X4, available with galvanisation + transparent polyester coating. Capacity: 300 kg

BRICO C&C cart
Standard configuration and with fold-down platform.
Aimed at customers of extra-food outlets, designed to handle a wide range of goods categories. Its versatility allows for several different configurations: with platforms, baskets, side carrying facility. Easy to manoeuvre and nestable to save space. Capacity: 300 kg

BRICO C&C cart
Configuration with tilting upper basket or with side carry facility and tilting upper basket.
Another two configurations with more accessories for even better customer service. Finish: as on the X4, available with galvanisation + transparent polyester coating. Capacity: 300 kg

Specially designed for use in Garden Centres, combines classic load platform practicality with castor wheels for smoother handling. Particularly useful in the tight spaces typical of such retail outlets. Finish: as on the X4, available with galvanisation + transparent polyester coating. Capacity: 250 kg

Strength points

  • Heavy duty carts
  • High load capacity, excellent versatility
  • Light + agile
  • Ideal for all transport tasks