Gourmé Decò | Arena Group | Catania

Gourmé Decò | Arena Group | Catania

Cefla Shopfitting designed the new Decò Arena retail outlet in Catania, the first gourmet shop in a supermarket chain that consists of some 250 direct/affiliated shops.

The new proximity shop gourmet format, located in a central, pedestrianised area in Catania and which recalls traditional local indoor markets, was conceived, designed and built entirely by Cefla Shopfitting. More specifically, the new format's concept and design stemmed from effective teamwork between RED Retail Design - Cefla's new Retail Design brand - and the Arena Group's technical office. The format has two main sections: hyper-fresh (bakery and gastronomy, salamis and cheeses, fruit and veg, fish and meat counter) and off-the-shelf and perfumery products. The two parts are divided by a 'hinge' zone that features wine and organic food areas; these are, in turn, furnished with warm colours to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Shopfitting solutions employed warm materials, lights and colours and wall linings in both wood and ceramic. For the shelving an Evo System 10 configuration was chosen; the plain backdrop was given a transparent coating to enhance the colour of the steel. Newly designed displayers plus a coordinated selection of materials, colours and lights give the various departments a warm, cosy atmosphere that highlights the variety and quality of the displayed products even more. The arrangement of the checkout barrier is particularly innovative; it features Cefla Compact models, organised as a single-line queuing solution where customers are called to the checkouts as they become free. A system that recalls airport check-in desks.

“Cefla - which can now draw on its own RED Retail design brand with a highly experienced team of professionals - has proved itself to be an ever-more reliable partner in the conception, design and implementation of modern organised retail distribution formats in both the food and non-food sectors”, comments Paolo Rustignoli, General Manager of RED Retail Design.