Lighting: highlighting and ambience


Cefla Shopfitting works in close concert with the Cefla Lighting Business Unit. The latter, in addition to the know-how built up by C-LED during years of experience in the hi-tech lighting sector, can now count on a controlling share in Lucifero’s, a company that specialises in archi-tech lighting solutions for Retail Design.

Lighting plays a key role in Retail Design. It can make a shop stand out and have an impact on proper market positioning. Creating the right atmosphere makes the purchasing experience more enjoyable and makes customers want to stay in the store longer.
Thanks to the creativity and innovation of Lucifero’s, we're able to develop personalised projects that create just the right ambience for every individual need.





Our solutions are incorporated in the shelving and highlight the product, thus making the display much more dynamic. Each product sector requires a different light in terms of intensity, colour temperature and CRI (Colour Rendering Index). Whatever the need - from product highlighting to checkout open/closed indicators - C-LED know-how allows us to guide clients through the decision-making process and customise lighting according to their specific needs.