Personalised shopfitting solutions for specialised high fashion, clothing and footwear shops.


For the fashion and textile sector, Cefla Shopfitting offers retailers light, practical structures that allow them to create visually appealing custom combinations. For this category, which is managed on a seasonal basis, Cefla responds to display requirements by providing outstanding modularity and customisation. The huge variety of employed materials (wood, steel, metal wire, Plexiglas, etc.) allows perfect shopfitting whatever the size or features of the store.


  • Display solutions for specific goods categories
  • Design, modularity and flexibility
  • Lighting, ambience and communication
  • Proximity marketing
  • Retail Design


In addition to providing a vast range of modular display, ambience and communication solutions specifically for textile retail (e.g. tables, stenders, perroquets), Cefla can also help customers define layout and design.


In the fashion world, use of proper lighting to bring out the best in the products is a must. C-LED, a Cefla company, can provide LED lighting powered by a pre-certified, low voltage LED lighting systems that can be applied and removed from shelving with ease.


Thanks to the Cefla Proximity Marketing and Smart Link system, retailers can send informative/promotional multimedia content directly to customers' smartphones inside the store to influence their purchase decisions.