Wines and drinks

Display solutions for wines, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.


Cefla Shopfitting provides modular, flexible solutions to ensure proper goods display and ambience in wine and beverage areas.

Many years' experience allows us to supply high capacity structures that also make the shopping experience a pleasant one.


  • Visual merchandising
  • Modularity and flexibility
  • Ambience and communication
  • LED lighting emphasises the display (C-LED)
  • Proximity marketing
  • High load capacity


Everything - from products and used materials to ambience, communication tools and the establishment of tasting areas - has been designed to implement coordinated solutions suited to the target. Moreover Cefla can help customers define the design of entire departments. Ultra-thin metal shelves (System 10), wire shelving (Wireplus), wooden trims and complements.


All our structures are ready for electrification with a pre-certified low voltage system that lets retailers emphasise the display with LED lighting on individual shelves.


To promote a certain product category or specific brand products, all our display solutions allow for the installation of the Cefla Proximity Marketing and Smart Link system; this allows multimedia content (info, promo, didactic) to be sent directly to customers' smartphones in the retail outlet.